Sunds Textiles A/S was founded in Denmark in 1968

...by Preben Vang Nielsen, and is today headed by Claus Vang Nielsen (CEO and Managing Director). The company was initially named 'Sunds Rundvæveri' which was later changed to 'Sunds Velour' - before adopting the current name.

In the early days production was limited to a few circular-knitting machines,
but production grew steady and in 1975 a dyehouse was build to enable the company
to perform in-house fabric finishing.

In the following years the facilities were extended several times and the fabrics
from SUNDS became widely recognized for quality and innovation, as we served numerous companies in the European fashion industry.

In 1990 the company for the first time went into ready-made
garments with a cut & sew set-up in Poland, same location as today.

Then in 2001 a major step was taken with the acquisition of a 46.000 m2 production
facility in Ukraine, which today is the base for nearly all processes of production.

At this point in time, our key competence was reflected in the name 'Sunds Velour'.  By around 2010, the focus shifted from the velour that ad been the signature product of the company into more voluminous double jersey textiles, that were becoming the preference of the mattress industry.

Thus we became 'Sunds Textiles' in 2011 and had by then shifted the majority of production from fashion to bedding products.

Our latest investment is the establishment of a 19.000 m2 production in Mexico with full fabric to cover capabilities (fully operational Summer 2022).